Installation Instructions

Typical Installation

Sonoran World's light sconces are mounted over a single or double lampholder and lampholder cover and provide limited uplighting. These fixtures are not provided with our sconces as many homeowners have existing lampholders (and jelly jar style lampholders). They may be purchased independently at hardware stores like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes etc. and typically sell in the range of $5 for a Single and $8 for a Double.

Dark Sky Zoning Installation

For most communities with restrictive uplighting zoning ordinances, our light sconces comply when installed over a "Jelly Jar Light" also available from hardware stores like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes etc. and can be independently purchased in the range of $4 to $7 (see sconce depth and other dimensions on sconce page).

Note: Ample and easily accessible holes are provided on the wall side of the sconce and a central hanger "V" is provided where the sconce can simply be hung with a single screw and washer while additional holes are available for added support.

Bulb Size and Spacing

Please allow a minimum of 1" clearance between the bulb and the lexan diffuser. We recommend 60 watt maximum bulbs. Yellow bug bulbs provide a warm amber glow. Double lamp holders are satisfactory as long as the 1" clearance is maintained between the bulb and the diffuser.












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